Tissue Engineering | Robotics

Bionics for human health

The objective of this project is to develop Epimimetic Products/Epimimetic-Bionic Protheses, based on biology, stem cells, growth factors, bioengineering, mechanics, electronics and more, for their subsequent application in human and veterinary health.

Epimimetic bionics consists of the application of state-of-the-art technological systems to the imitation of the biomechanical processes of the musculoskeletal system of human beings and other animal species, trying to achieve motor performance that is most similar to the natural movement patterns of the replaced parts. We can thus define bionic protheses as protheses or artificial limbs endowed with a certain level of autonomy and “intelligence”.

Innovative bionic-epimimetic technology at the service of today’s society


Bionic protheses achieve autonomy and “intelligence” through the use of sensors, processors, inclinometers, accelerometers, actuators and complex control algorithms that NATUREMIMETIX will develop and implement in new prototypes based on the union of two fundamental pillars of the Naturemimetic culture: technology and nature.


NATUREMIMETIX considers this technology to be fundamental as it will provide future generations with a detection and preventive treatment for health problems that are all too present in our daily lives. Through it, they can be corrected to the greatest extent possible before they inevitably evolve.

Natural and intelligent prostheses and tissues

NATUREMIMETIX will develop electromagnetic devices for application in humans or animals, for diagnostic purposes, for the regulation of physiological functions, and to control and treat diseases. They will be implanted internally or, preferably, they will be external or mobile.

On the other hand, Medical Devices will also be developed for the application of Epimimetic products via different routes: intranasal, ocular, rectal, urethral, intra-articular, subdermal, etc. They will be indicated in the treatment of pain and chronic, degenerative, autoimmune, allergic, infectious diseases and more.

These Medical Devices will position NATUREMIMETIX as the leader of a very large market in the health area due to the elevated number of degenerative diseases (among others) that are plaguing the world population and the lack of treatments that exist to alleviate these ailments that affect patients, which are increasingly present and condition the quality of life of everyone who suffers from them.

It is also worth highlighting our other knowledge base for the project: Tissue Engineering.

This discipline is also known as regenerative medicine and is the branch of bioengineering that uses the combination of cells, material engineering methods, biochemistry and physical chemistry to improve or replace biological functions.

In addition to medical applications, non-therapeutic applications include the use of tissues as biosensors to detect biological or chemical threat agents, and tissue chips that can be used to test the toxicity of an experimental drug.

At NATURMEIMETIX, we want to point out that our first project in the Bionics-Tissue Engineering area will be a mobile radio frequency device with the protective and lytic properties of microorganisms, especially viruses.

Thanks to the action of electromagnetic waves, we can create a field around the individual in question, which will be able to repel all kinds of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms that want to contaminate and make our patient sick. We will be able to achieve a “safe space” for users, using only a mobile device that our patients will carry around, thus improving the antiviral PPEs that currently exist.