Precision BioMedicine

Personalised, targeted medicine

Personalised medicine, as defined by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the United States, is the form of medicine that uses information about a person’s own genes or proteins to prevent, diagnose, or treat disease. It therefore allows the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease to be tailored to each patient.

But before applying personalised medicine routinely in clinical practice, it is necessary to have the appropriate research tools, which as a whole are referred to as Precision Medicine, based on targeted therapy.

We are facing a paradigm shift in science and medicine

Targeted Therapy

The treatment is designed and acts on therapeutic targets. By gathering more knowledge about the genetic, cellular, molecular and other changes that cause diseases, researchers have a better chance of creating promising and targeted treatments that act on these changes or that block their effects, achieving greater efficacy and safety.


We need to integrate clinical and molecular information to understand the biological bases of each disease. Only in this way can we diagnose and treat each pathology individually. There is a step beyond Precision Medicine, which is called Precision Biomedicine, nourished not only by medical knowledge, but also by that derived from Nature and the entire set of the so-called Biomedical Sciences.

The medicine of the future in the present

Precision Biomedicine supports the development of targeted therapies, it identifies populations at risk and designs prevention strategies before the onset of the disease. Therefore, it provides health professionals with tailored prevention strategies, sophisticated diagnostic strategies, and specific and targeted treatments (advanced therapies) based on Biomedical Sciences and tailored to each patient.

For us, precision biomedicine is not an unattainable idea. At Naturemimetix, we want to put our know-how to use and be able to achieve the medicine of the future in the present, because we know that if we don’t take care of the present moment, we will deny a future for our descendants. We believe that health concepts should be individually modified in the here and now, in order to be better prepared as global beings for what the immediate future holds.

That’s why at Naturemimetix, we intend on creating a Medical Facility model based on Precision Biomedicine, focused on the areas of regenerative medicine, anti-aging therapy and prevention of deterioration, where the patient will be the focus of all our work, with the sole objective of improving their quality of life, delaying their biological age in comparison to their chronological age, reducing the incidence and severity of chronic diseases, and facilitating the supportive care and adjuvant treatments needed to improve the prognosis of cancer patients, among other aspects. In short, we want to practice 21st-century medicine, with the support of Biomedical Sciences and all existing technology, with the availability of Epimimetic products that are, above all, humanised.

This Medical Facility model will be associated with a large private hospital of reference, which will cover the rest of the medical and surgical specialties. We will also have the most advanced technological resources and the best specialists, both basic and clinical, thanks to a repatriation programme for talented Spanish researchers who are currently working abroad and have acquired experience in the field of precision biomedicine.