Epimimetic products:
Innovation and respect at the service of the human being

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly focused on developing high-level products that target oncology, rare diseases, and chronic, degenerative and disabling diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s…).

A recent study by Natural & Sustainability Segmentation, carried out this year by the multinational company Beiersdorf in 16 countries around the world, and put together to learn more about purchase decisions for health and wellness products, concluded that 7 out of 10 Spaniards in Spain prefer NATURAL and SUSTAINABLE products. Spain is the second European country most concerned about the “NATURALNESS” of health-related products.

At NATUREMIMETIX, we have introduced a new concept: the “Epimimetic” product, a new development within the world of health that is a far cry from the traditional “supplements” or “nutraceuticals”, supported by the knowledge of therapeutic targets that the pharmaceutical industry has identified and developed, following much more rigorous product development plans than those put in place for food supplements, and yet much closer to developments in pharmaceutical products.

Natural and evidence-based

Natural Efficacy

The traditional, “empirical” treatments that are commonly used give way to epimimetic products, where there is a clear commitment to “natural and evidence-based” solutions. This represents a shift in the usual message that offers a real and natural alternative that healthcare professionals can offer to patients and health consumers.

Joint Development

We take into account all options with partners who pursue these types of solutions. We have and design our own tailor-made lines to provide solutions for the different business models. A clear example of which are projects in the therapeutic areas of Ophthalmology, Digestive System, Cardiology… where companies that are very familiar with these specialities can be our companions on this journey.

The patient: our benchmark

ITXASOL is an epimimetic product aimed at the treatment of urinary tract infections, where the use of antibiotics is increasingly called into question as it generates more problems than solutions and leads to cross-resistance that multiplies the health problems in our healthcare environment.

Without being an antibiotic, it is made up of high-quality natural components, with a complex formulation and a multimodal mechanism of action on the pathogen and its microenvironment, but that manages to respect the microbiome. It can prevent or reduce the repetitive use of traditional antibiotics in urinary tract infections due to cross-resistance. Therefore, its use can be applied to polymedicated geriatric patients, women with recurrent urinary infections, men with infections secondary to prostate disease, catheterised patients, etc.


More information about Itxasol

TEUPOTHEÍNA is another epimimetic product formulated with totally new, natural ingredients, with clinical studies that support it being placed on the market, aimed at benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), chronic nonbacterial prostatitis (CNP) and as an adjunct in the treatment of prostate cancer (CaP).

TEUPOTHEÍNA could set a trend in the initial basic and ongoing treatment of prostate symptoms, in addition to introducing a new concept in the prevention and coadjuvant treatment of prostate cancer, a pathology that represents the second most common cause of cancer in men in Spain, with a prevalence of more than 1,200,000 cases, an incidence of more than 31,000 and a death rate that exceeded 6,000 deaths in 2018.