Epimimetics: the concept
that will revolutionise pharmaceuticals

Placing EPIMIMETIC products on the market means changing the message and committing to “natural solutions with clinical results”, in contrast with the traditional solutions that are more commonly used. We offer a real and natural alternative that health specialists can offer to patients and health consumers.

The commitment that NATUREMIMETIX acquires through its EPIMIMETIC products will focus on improving the overall health, quality of life, resilience and environment of living beings and their descendants.

Pharmaceutical solutions with Nature as the foundational model of learning and development

Epimimetic products

Naturemimetix offers a new concept of products called EPIMIMETIC products that are inspired by nature, are eco-efficient and safe, and that contribute to the sustainability of the environment and society, with industrial and biomedical applications that will improve the health and environment of living beings.


NATUREMIMETIX has created a line of development of EPIMIMETIC PRODUCTS where the first compounds are already a reality and are currently in the marketing phase: Itxasol® and Teupotheína® .

Inspired by Nature

Celavista Mito-Biogénesis (CMB) is a biomedical company that has been developing formulations made up of components of natural origin for more than twenty-five years, where it works in depth on galenics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, aimed at health care uses or to benefit patients in classic pathologies, increasingly moving away from the development of classic nutritional supplements, which is why it has introduced a new concept of the EPIMIMETIC product,  a new development within the world of health and that is a far cry from the traditional supplements or nutraceuticals, supported by the knowledge of therapeutic targets that the pharmaceutical industry has identified and developed, following much more rigorous product development plans than those put in place for food supplements, and yet much closer to developments in pharmaceutical products.

Through its spin-off NATUREMIMETIX, a line of development of EPIMIMETIC PRODUCTS has been created, where the first compounds are already being marketed through CMB : Itxasol® and Teupotheína® .

Placing EPIMIMETIC products on the pharmaceutical market will lead to a shift in the message and a commitment to “natural and evidence-based” solutions versus the traditional “empirical” treatments that are more commonly used. We will offer a real and natural alternative that healthcare professionals can offer to patients and health consumers.

Our business model is based on the proper formulation, development and innovation of the product, along with its registration, manufacturing and marketing. All of which involves either the launch of the product directly by us or through a co-promotion with other partners in order to project the product both nationally and internationally.

Joint Co-Promotion, Sales & Development, we take into account all options with partners who pursue these types of solutions. We have and design our own tailor-made lines to provide solutions for the different business models.

The patient is our benchmark. Once the product is launched, we monitor our results to evaluate improvements in the quality of life of patients, their compliance and satisfaction, through registration systems in accordance with the Spanish Data Protection Law (LPD) that help us to corroborate its benefits, effectiveness, safety and tolerability.