Nature investigates,
Naturemimetix develops and innovates

Naturemimetix offers a new concept of products called EPIMIMETIC PRODUCTS that are inspired by nature, are eco-efficient and safe, and that contribute to the sustainability of the environment and society, with industrial and biomedical applications that will improve the health and environment of living beings.

“When we look at what is truly sustainable, the only real model that has worked over long periods of time is the natural world.”
JM Benyus

The concept of Mimesis comes from Aristotle and means the imitation of Nature as the essential purpose of art. Later on, its meaning evolved to refer to everything that imitates or is inspired by some living being or by a system or matter.

Biomimesis (from bios, “life”, and mimesis, “imitate”), also known as Biomimicry, is the science that studies nature as a source of inspiration for innovative technologies, to solve those human problems that nature has already managed to solve, through models of systems (mechanics) or processes (chemistry), or elements that imitate or take inspiration from nature.

Biomimetics learns from nature’s best solutions to create innovative designs, processes and technologies, offering sustainable solutions for human problems. (

Biomimicry is the term most frequently used in scientific and engineering literature to refer to the process of understanding and applying solutions from nature to human problems, in the form of biological principles, biomaterials or those of any other kind.

Today, emerging fields of science, such as bionics, nanotechnology and biomedical engineering, are using novel synthesis methods in an attempt to mimic the high-throughput, self-assembly synthesis that nature has developed over millions of years.

Naturemimetics, the paradigm shift

Wind turbines inspired by humpback whales

Biomimetics is a collaborative framework in which we catalyse the information obtained over more than 4.6 billion years of evolution, with the inspiration we feel when we discover stories from nature; it is a springboard for creativity that is only limited by our imagination.

Biomimetics looks to the natural world to materialise boundless creativity, based on passionate respect for the Earth and Life as a whole. We firmly believe that Nature creates conditions conducive to Life, and as part of Life, we aspire to learn from the whole of Nature to do the same.

Biomimetics offers a methodology and a strategy to redesign the human presence on Earth in a more sustainable way, to adapt to the Earth, which is our only home, or at least for now…

Based on all these principles and knowledge of BIOMIMETICS, NATUREMIMETIX has coined two new concepts:

–  NATUREMIMETICS: born as a broader concept than Biomimetics. “It is the science that studies and is inspired by nature with the aim of jointly applying the knowledge of Nature and that of human beings to achieve a symbiosis that leads to progress and improvements in living conditions, taking into account the protection of all living beings and their environment, without ignoring the global importance that they as individual beings have through evolution and the legacy they leave behind for future generations. Respect, Sustainability, Regeneration, Eco-Design and Eco-Efficiency are some of the attributes that are undoubtedly part of the NATUREMIMETICS code of conduct and are linked to Human Values, they will be present in all their interactions with living beings and with their environment.”

– EPIMIMETICS: Those products that are not only inspired by nature in accordance with the principles of NATUREMIMETICS, but that go even further… (Nature & Beyond).

The prefix epi- means “over” or “upon”, but also “beyond”… therefore, EPIMIMETICS would be that product that goes above and beyond Nature, applying human knowledge to the research that Nature has already been carrying out for millions of years, managing to perfect, develop, transform and adapt it, or sometimes even imbuing it with positive emotions…

The commitment that NATUREMIMETIX acquires through its EPIMIMETIC products focuses on improving the overall health, quality of life, resilience and environment of living beings and their descendants.

NATUREMIMETIX puts its EPIMIMETIC products at the disposal of NATURE, thus doing its part to take care of living beings and protect the environment, always complying with its values and ethical code as a Company that are based on: Honesty, Equity, Perseverance, Commitment, Diversity, Justice, Trust, Effort, Reputation and Respect.


NATUREMIMETICS is an ecological and sustainable tool that inspires and contributes to the design of products, systems and processes that give researchers and designers, both present and future, a modern approach based on the ancient practices of imitating nature.

Biomimetic swimsuit imitating shark skin

“Nature never does anything superfluous, nothing useless,
and knows how to extract multiple effects from a single cause.”
Nicolaus Copernicus

NATUREMIMETICS follows the principles of Life, which instruct us to build from the bottom up, optimise rather than maximise, use free energy, embrace diversity, adapt and evolve, use sustainable processes and life-friendly materials, engage in symbiotic relationships and enhance the biosphere.

When we work in our laboratory, in our doctor’s office or in our operating room, we should look around us and learn to solve and tackle problems through imitation, ultimately copying others who are better at what we do.

We are surrounded by solutions, and evolution is without a doubt the best method for solving conflicts, catastrophes, pandemics… and to this end, we must look to nature and try to emulate or enhance its ability to fix problems.

As we enter the era of  “a better world through biomedicine”, we stop looking at nature as if we were superior to it. Changing this focus will force us to accept that nature knows more than we do.

Developing EPIMIMETIC drugs, products, systems and materials is unquestionably a challenge for researchers and for industry in general.