We are inspired by
and learn from Nature

NATUREMIMETIX follows the principles of Life, which instruct us to build from the bottom up, optimise rather than maximise, use free energy, embrace diversity, adapt and evolve, use sustainable processes and life-friendly materials, engage in symbiotic relationships and enhance the biosphere.

NATUREMIMETIX is a new values-based company, focused mainly on its mission to develop products and services inspired by nature, applying human knowledge with a single objective: to improve the health of living beings and preserve and regenerate their environment through sustainable, eco-designed and eco-efficient processes.

The commitment that NATUREMIMETIX acquires through its EPIMIMETIC products focuses on improving the overall health, quality of life, resilience and environment of living beings and their descendants.

We build a legacy for future generations


NATUREMIMETIX puts its EPIMIMETIC products at the disposal of NATURE, thus doing its part to take care of living beings and protect the environment, always complying with its values and ethical code as a Company that are based on: Honesty, Equity, Perseverance, Commitment, Diversity, Justice, Trust, Effort, Reputation and Respect.


Now is the time for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies dedicated to the research, development and application of products that improve the health of human beings and animals to turn their gaze towards the magnificent laboratory that Mother Nature represents, to observe and learn from all the knowledge she has been accumulating through millions of years of evolution.

We redesign human presence on Earth

Nuestros valores

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We must pursue collective and individual well-being:

No one is a loose link in the chain but rather is preceded and followed by others. We propose having a positive impact on the living beings that surround us, and all together generating a much deeper signal to take things even further.

Our Team

Ethics, Sustainability, Eco-Design, Eco-Efficiency, Regeneration, Protection, Transcendence and Respect Towards Living Beings and Their Environment