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Manifesto of
Epimimetic Culture

Learn all about Naturemimetix’s philosophy and how, together with its new development concepts (epimimetic and naturemimetic products), it will help to improve the health, quality of life, resilience and environment of living beings and their descendants.

We believe our world is sick

Nature is showing all the symptoms of being burned out, mistreated for decades by the abuses of a society that waves individualism on its flag. A society where all that has mattered is “me” and “right now”.

The solution lies in changing our methods of production and consumption

To satisfy the whims of a consumer society, natural resources have been exploited until they are exhausted or left in such bad shape that there are only very remote possibilities of recovery.

Society must take the initiative without waiting for governments and countries to do so

People must choose whether to consume more or to consume smarter. Legislative and regulatory action has almost always followed a social movement; we cannot just wait around until rules are put in place before we change our habits. Awareness of the need for change must begin to take shape from each of the individuals who are part of society.

People must be educated to avoid being manipulated and deceived

Wherever there are economic or political interests, there are dogmas and lies meant to maintain the status quo. We must be aware of the importance of developing our own methods of accessing the truth.

We propose building a legacy for future generations

No one is a loose link in the chain but rather is preceded and followed by others. We must be facilitators –and not inhibitors– of accumulated knowledge. Let’s not deny the past, but let’s not run away from our commitment to the future either. We propose having a positive impact on the living beings that surround us, and all together generating a much deeper signal.

Desarrollamos una inteligencia colectiva

We must pursue collective and individual well-being

Through a change in habits, education, personal training and the idea of historical significance, we will recognise that we can provoke a cultural change in societies.

Together we will develop a collective intelligence

which will make us stronger and protect our environment. Although we have to start by changing individually, we have to make the effort collectively and learn together. We must promote an intelligent, free, creative and networked way of acting that allows us to protect ourselves and prosper.

This intelligence, combined with our observation of Nature, will allow us to obtain effective solutions against diseases, pandemics and even environmental alterations

By studying Nature and applying knowledge to progress and the improvement of living conditions –we call this science Naturemimetics–, we will open the door to our full evolutionary potential. In combination with human ingenuity and creativity, we can offer the world high-value epimimetic solutions to the health problems that we face.

These epimimetic solutions will be marketed ethically and fairly among all people

The epimimetic culture must give as much as it receives. Research and development comes, in large part, from the action of Nature. For this reason, any epimimetic product must be accessible, respectful, fair and sustainable, as it is the result of Nature’s research and is developed based on the combination of knowledge derived from Nature and that of humans.

We will need less yet we will live better

The Earth does not belong to this generation, it is a timeless heritage of Humanity, which means we must always pay attention to what our legacy will be for future generations. Therefore, if our impact on the planet is negative, its repercussions will extend way beyond our descendants. The ultimate goal is to live in tune with the planet we call our home, without being a threat to the natural world.

These are not merely a few romantic ideas, but rather a strategy for survival