Functional Foods

Foods inspired by Nature itself
and with high nutritional value

The current life expectancy on Earth is clearly lower than that which should correspond to the human species.

Our diet is not sustainable and there is a critical and essential need to create new plant-based foods with a low environmental impact and high health value, while adapting these products to people’s age.

The NMX team has been obtaining and observing information on vegetables and selecting molecules for the development of Novel Foods and new foods, as well as formulations to improve the health of humans at all walks of life, as the qualities of food should vary as people get older.

Epimimetic Foods:
Novel Foods and Superfoods

Nutritional value

Thanks to human knowledge, we are able to eliminate certain undesirable aspects and enhance other effects as we age, stimulating healthy neurodevelopment and resistance to disease and aging.


By learning to reuse highly nutritious elements, a very confused population is re-educated, “garbage” of a high nutritional value is significantly reduced and we act on health through industry, until reaching human consumption (quality, cooking, nutrition…).

Epimimetic Superfoods

Transport and food have one of the highest costs and impact both on the environment and on health compared to any other area. The World Health Organisation (WHO) attributes more than 5 million deaths to air quality alone (nanoparticles, etc.). Diet, meanwhile, is estimated to be exclusively responsible for at least a third of all cancer deaths, but also has a direct impact on life expectancy in all areas: cardiovascular, respiratory, etc.

The environmental cost of producing animal proteins is very significant, since very high levels of CO2 are released. However, those of plant origin reduce the levels of this gas, particularly if production is optimised and land is freed up for the development of wildlife and woodlands.

Contrary to animal nutrition, with plant nutrition it is possible to generate intelligent processes for the growth of plant foods with a decreasing use of land area, recovering soil deteriorated by human overexploitation and in semi-desert and desert climates. It is also possible to obtain organic, sustainable plant foods without the use of pesticides, and even more innovative is the ability to accurately control the quality and composition of nutrients according to the conditions of the environment that humans can control with precision and artificial intelligence, working plant by plant. At the same time, it is possible to expand the composition of plant nutrients/compounds (Novel Foods) that have a positive impact on our health, based off plants that have traditionally been used for thousands of years to safely improve our health (medicinal plants) but that not included in our diets.

Naturemimetix will develop five specific projects…

– Animal products (dairy and oily fish) free of phytanic acid, pristanic acid and branched fatty acids

At present, we have developed patents and we have new ones ready to be presented throughout 2021 based on the elimination of phytanic acid, a compound related to all of the most common forms of cancer in the human population and with the most pro-oxidant biological substances that cause cellular toxicity and paralyse the processes of mitobiogenesis (essential for producing energy and all cellular functions).

– Animal products (fish) free of heavy metals and xenobiotics that are mostly but not exclusively produced by human activity

Today, the sea is the most polluted environment and the most valued source of human nutrition. Fish is significantly affected by pollution and, fundamentally, by the presence of heavy metals that accumulate and have an impact on our health throughout our lives. We have the know-how needed to adapt the elimination of heavy metals and metabolic disruptors from plastic additives present in sea salt and fresh, frozen and canned fish/shellfish/seawood to industrial procedures.

– Milk and vegan epimimetic milk derivatives

We will transform the complicated use of dairy into benefits through a new vegan and sustainable food, using Epimimetics and making a more appetising food with gastronomic and nutritional qualities comparable to animal milk, but with numerous advantages to be used by the entire population: maximum tolerance and activity. To adapt to the new growing consumption of vegan products among humans, we must guarantee the health of the population and, to do so, we will replicate the positive effects of dairy products while eliminating their associated intolerances (lactose) and their negative effects (galactose, etc.), improving their qualities based on human needs and according to people’s age.

– Novel Food: Phytochemical-based compound that enhances the bioavailability of antioxidants and highly lipophilic polyphenols with a high molecular weight in juices and jams

Fruit juices and energy drinks, along with jams, are high-consumption products with the ability to become foods of great nutritional value. However, most of the active ingredients (>95%) are neither absorbed nor bioavailable in the human body. In many ways, the consumption of these products is reduced to an excessive intake of sugars, making these products an unsustainable and unhealthy source of food.

We will provide an ingredient that takes advantage of all the plant matter, reducing waste to a minimum and exponentially improving the bioavailability and concentration of polyphenols. In turn, we will reduce the concentration of sugars and improve their metabolism and the microbiome. We will also improve its preservation (antibacterial without preservatives), increase stability and reduce the use of natural and artificial sweeteners.

– Novel Food: Phytochemicals present in the formulations of supplements to be added to foods (hot drinks)

CMB has numerous compounds that are suitable as both Novel Foods and as ingredients that are not Novel Foods but that are to be used in food products. Two lists of ingredients will be prepared to manufacture and develop products in the specific industries that our food partners are interested in and that, at the same time, fall within the concept of epimimetics. The ideal format is in powder form that dissolves instantaneously in hot water, giving it greater health qualities when packaged in an instant tea format to be associated with the consumption of tea, coffee and other hot beverages. Its qualities will improve people’s focus and concentration, physical and intellectual performance, neurodevelopment and more.